Dylan Room

Room 8 - Dylan Room


Approximately 3.2 x 3.3m, Dylan Room seats 6, Boardroom-Style, around the table.

On the Ground Floor, Dylan Room is an intimate yet light, contemporary space with coloured, glazed walls. It is centrally heated and is highly suitable for study, office space, interviews, one to one advice and small meetings.

The following rates apply:

Reduced Rate - £20 per hour - For Social Enterprise, Voluntary Organisations, Community Groups, Charities with income under £500,000 pa.

Resident's Rate - £15 per hour - For Individual Fitzrovia residents e.g. birthday parties, & local individuals offering services to local community. 

Standard Rate - £25 per hour - For Private Sector, Statutory Sector, Charities with income over £500,000 pa.

*Please note that we may need evidence to show qualification for rates.