Dickens Room

Dickens Room


This Room is available only until 29th February 2016.

Approximately 10 x 5m. the Dickens Room seats 35 in a Theatre-Style layout or 16, Boardroom-Style, around a table.

This is a large air-conditioned room on the Lower Ground Floor, with a hatch to the shared kitchen.

The Dickens Room is very popular for exercise classes and other noisy activities. There's even a piano in this room!

This room has a concertina door to Room 4, The Crisp Room, which means both can be booked and joined together to make a much larger space.

From January 2017 the following rates will apply:*

Reduced Rate - £40 per hour - For: Self-employed, Social Enterprise, Businesses with 0-5 employees, Voluntary Orgs, Community Groups, Charities with income under £500,000 pa.

Resident's Rate - £30 per hour - For: Private Sector,Statutory Sector, Charities with income over £500,000 pa.

Standard Rate - £45 per hour - For: Private Sector,Statutory Sector,Charities with income over £500,000 pa.

*Please note that we may need evidence to show qualification for rates.