About Fitzrovia

About Fitzrovia

We've spent the last few years getting to know Fitzrovia and its people, so this section of the site is dedicated to sharing what we've found and developing new opportunities to learn from one another.  It is evolving at the moment and will keep growing over the next few weeks, so keep checking here to see what's new.


"Fitzrovia contains a diverse mix of residential, commercial and community buildings; which has led to some tension between the interests of business, developers, and existing residents. Residents and visitors to the area alike appreciate the outdoor spaces, architecture and commercial opportunities Fitzrovia offers – yet our research indicates a clear and growing divide between different sections of the working and resident population. These tensions are exacerbated by a massively varied and in many cases somewhat cramped housing stock and competing claims to an already limited amount of green and public space.

Fitzrovia is not a deprived neighbourhood. However, it is an area characterised by contrast – between the character of the area in living memory and in the present day, between the needs of temporary, long and short term residents and those of workers, visitors and business; and between the conspicuous affluence of some residents and commercial presences in opposition to the comparative social exclusion and poverty experienced by others.  it is home to a great disparity in wealth and living standards, and significant minorities facing very specific forms of deprivation, with needs that are often at odds with one another."

-Fitzrovia Neighbourhood Profile, 2014